Would you consider attending an event designed to satisfy your “curiARTsity” and explore the creative process?   When I meet new people or run into an old friend, co-worker or professional as soon as they find out that I am an “artist” they are full of questions.  “What kind of work do you do?”   “Where is your studio?”  “Where do you sell it?”  or “My second cousin (sister, mother-in-law, brother) is an artist”, “Me too – I knit colorful potholder”.

These questions and more have made me think that people would actually come to a studio event, drink wine and create a small piece of art in time frame of about two hours.  Now this wouldn’t be a “Paint and Sip” events that have popped up all over the place with all attendees creating the same small painting, but this would be an event of free creativity.  Not painting the same thing, but an actual free brush, free movement, free creativity and free wine event.  Of course, basic instruction will be provided and they take it from there.  Since I am an abstract artist myself the precipitants will be creating their own abstract work.

Now of course this small group event comes at a cost.  This is something I will have to determine after accounting for all the professional paints, canvases and of course the wine.  Music will definitely have to be a part of this event!!!

Something you might consider? Leave your answer in the comments section.