Diana Reeves “Live in the Moment”

Diana Reeves, Live in the Moment, abstract artist Jane Robinson, Jane Robinson art

For three decades, Dianne Reeves has been one of the most popular vocalists, thanks to her well-produced recordings and engaging live shows.  This painting was inspired by her smooth vocals over a very complicated instrumental background.

A reminder that we should all live in the moment.  Are you?

I’m trying.

Ever consider a dyptch?

abstract artist Jane Robinson

abstract artist Jane Robinson

What the hell is dyptch?

According to Webster’s dictionary : A diptych (pronounced dip-tick) is a piece of art created in two parts. It may be a painting, drawing, photograph, carving, or any other flat artwork. The format of the pictures may be landscape or portrait and they will usually be the same size. If you were to add a third panel, it would be a triptych.

The benefit of a dyptch might be that you want to stretch out the space where you need a piece.  The continuation of a painting is interesting.  You might just “like” the way it looks.

What ever the reason a dyptch might be for you.

Be original. Buy original.

What a wonderful Christmas gift for someone special.

The Chicago One of a Kind show…..or direct from my studio.

Are you bold enough to make your own statement in your home?   Ready to discard the tired boring art?  No women with parasails?  Boats?

Take the plunge and buy yourself something unique. One of a kind.   Something that sparks to you.   For no reason other than “you’re worth it”.   

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Artist Jane Robinson
The shoppers have arrived….with plastic in their wallets.