Wowie…I lost my mojo

This fall the oddest things happened.  For a few weeks I noticed  very unusual  things were happening  that were new to me…and very odd.  out sick, creativity,
For instance suddenly  I couldn’t spell.  I’ve always  been considered a great speller  but now I struggled.  Not with difficult or obscure words but with fairly common words.  

My second odd behavior was sudden memory problems.  I would tell my husband something and then a hour later ask him the same question.  All of friends and family noticed.

This was all new to me.  But one morning it got really strange.  I woke up and stumbled and staggered to the coffee pot.  When I went to brush my teeth I saw double.   I walked as if I were drunk.   My husband drove me to the hospital right away.

The ER staff rushed me in and started ordering all kinds of tests.  They thought I may be having a stroke.  I was admitted.  More tests. More doctors.   I was released two days later with no real diagnosis but perhaps a TIA- Transient Ischemic Attack.   I felt great and ready to go home.

The funny thing (not funny, but odd) is that during this time I was attempting to complete a commissioned painting for a client.  I struggled and struggled.  Painting felt difficult to do.  I couldn’t  create what was in my brain.  In fact I couldn’t create.  The more I struggled the more difficult it became.  Of course the client did not like the completed work and I didn’t blame them.  It was not my work.

When I followed up with my primary care doctor she said all of this can be explained by the brain misfiring.  All of these odd behaviors were symptoms that led up to my  hospital event.  They will be monitoring me and following up with regular testing.

For now I am now back to myself and in fact completed four commissioned paintings in the last few weeks.  It feels natural again.

  It feels good to have my mojo back.


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